One Stop Project Logistics Management
We are able to undertake projects through our extensive networks of suppliers and services to incorporate different aspects of your project which
Machinery and Factory Relocation
Essentially our core business and expertise, we are currently one of the leading service providers for machinery and factory
Exhibition Cargo Handling & Logistics
Actively involved in various exhibitions such as MTA, CommunicAsia, Food&HotelAsia etc, we are familiar with the handling of such exhibits and
Containers Stuffing / Unstuffing
As part of our core business in Machinery relocation, container stuffing and unstuffing is everyday’s business for
Professional Machinery Crating
To cater for the ever-changing requirements for the sea-worthy crating of your sophisticated assets, we have an in-house team of professional packers
Shipping & Forwarding
As an extension of our import / export services for your assets, we are able to include door-to-door shipment through our international

What's New



Awarded Bizsafe Partner accreditation

We are officially a Bizsafe Partner accredited by Workplace Safety & Health Council.


The management is committed to achieve continuous improvements to Workplace Safety and Health as one of the priorities in our operational protocols, cementing our position as a leading supplier in the industry with the highest standard of safety.



Awarded ISO45001:2018 and Bizsafe Star

We have achieved the apex accreditation from Workplace Safety and Health Council with Bizsafe Star.


This is in-line with our continuous commitment towards Operational Safety / Health.



Relocation of warehouse

We have relocated to a new warehouse to fulfill your storage needs. This new warehouse adopts a systematic approach in handling your cargoes, with the most efficient and safety procedure moving in and out of the warehouse. Your cargoes are in good hands.



Additional storage space for your needs

In order to meet your growing storage needs, we have acquired a new warehouse to provide efficient and adequate storage solutions to handle your cargoes.



Aquistion of new equipments

To effectively counter the increasingly height constraints at ramp-up factories etc that deterred the usage of cranes, we have acquired a brand new ‘KOMATSU’ 8 tons forklift to enhance safety, efficiency and productivity in our operations. This new aquisition is set to lift machines with a greater physical presence and weight and has since been put into use with effect on May 2007.

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